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Blog statement of purpose!

The wonderful Hadar Aviram ( pointed me towards a simple solution to a complex puzzle - is there a middle ground between writing for the drawer and writing to publish? As a social-media consumer but not an active participant (classic introvert) I was at lost about what to do with those light-bulb ideas and short-burst projects that piled up in my google drive and accumulated virtual dust.

"Put it on a blog!"

Yes. That's it.

As a 90s kid I've been pavlovian conditioned to think about blogs as a teenageri-thing. I'm working on that.

This is my plan for this blog:

  • Academic.

  • Professional, but non-formal.

  • Unedited, spontaneous thoughts about what I read and hear at seminars/talks.

  • Very drafty drafts of fresh project ideas.

  • Unashamed self-promotion.

  • gifs.

Hope this turns out well!

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1 Comment

May 23, 2020

Excited. Good luck!♥️

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